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: Texting window
: Stylie January 30, 2012, 02:15:49 AM
Hola amigos!

I got a tiny, but annoying problem I'd like to fix. I'm new to here, just registered through my lovely One XE (why use a laptop when you got a One? ; ). I tried to search for this topic in first place, but couldn't find anything unfortuanetly.

So the problem is as following: when I start writing, either in messages, mobisle notes, mail etc., not only the keyboard pops up, but I also get the whole page as a writing window. This was not the case before; then only the keyboard popped up and I could still see the page I was on while writing. That's what I want to get back. Y'all understand? The weird thing is that in the browser, which I just noticed now, is that it's fine here, it behaves normally, only the keyboard pops up and I can still see the webpage. So only on the phone itself it happens, in messages, notes etc.

I'll show you some pictures! I've tried checking the settings, but can't find to fix it. Help please? : )

1.pic (22): How it shouldn't be, but is
2.pic (39): How it should be, but isn't (only in web browser)

Ståle from up in the cold, cold North.

: Re: Texting window
: keyplyr January 30, 2012, 03:05:13 AM

Hello Stylie  and welcome to the forum.

So to clarify, in what app is this happening? More than one app?

If it is the texting app, check the settings. If it is on all apps, check the settings for the phone's keyboard.

If you still can't resolve it, try a  Soft Reset:

  • Turn phone off
  • Remove back cover
  • Remove battery
  • Reinstall battery
  • Reinstall back cover
  • Turn phone back on.

If the problem still continues, I would do the Factory Reset, but be advised to back-up all your apps and data prior to this step. There are several back-up type apps in the market.

: Re: Texting window
: AdderW January 30, 2012, 03:57:02 AM
Hello Ståle, I see that you are using Touch input and I think I have have tried all the settings, even in your language (NO), but I can't seem to replicate it either. Do you have any other keyboards installed, like Gingerbread?

Are you on stock ROM ?

 (Heja Sverige !)   :P

: Re: Texting window
: Stylie January 30, 2012, 04:14:03 AM
Thank you very much, keyplyr. Now that was a bit amateurish of me... I'm not a pro, but I do have good knowledge about technology. I (almost) always do a soft reset when things happen, but I hounestly didn't think of that now, I thought it had to do with some settings or something. But that made it, now it's okay again! Thanks : ) answer your question; yes, it happened in more than one app: messages, e-mail and mobisle notes was the ones I used. But on the web browser it behaved normal. I checked the settings for both messages and the keyboard, but nothing. So I guess it was just a little miss that happened there. Thanks again!

Stock rom yes, AdderV. Everything original, using original keyboard 'cause I think it's actually really good. So it was just a little miss that happened I guess. Thanks anyway, takk takk : )

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