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: How to put itunes files to HTC One X?
: zamiraW May 24, 2012, 11:08:15 PM
 :) Hello, I'm new here, and I just bought the HTC One X days ago.

And I'm here to share the experience to put my iTunes songs and movies to this phone, I guess most of you would like this also.

Well, here I'm beginning. You know the songs and movies from iTunes are DRM protected, which prevents you copying the files to non-apple devices, so you need first to remove the DRM and convert the itunes files to the formats that HTC One X will support. Usually the MP3 for the audio and MP4 for the video. Then how can you remove the DRM? There are many DRM converters, I will take the best for the example. It's Noteburner, which is recommended by Lifehacker ( (

How to convert the music to HTC One X -

1. Download Noteburner ( ( Audio Converter (it has Windows version and Mac version)
2. Follow the tutorial on their websites to convert the songs to MP3
3. After converting, you can drag and copy the songs to the HTC One X


Ok, here for video converting

1. Download Noteburner M4V Converter
2. Convert the M4V iTunes movies to MP4
3. Go to the folder and copy the converted MP4 files to your phone.

Hope this can help you guys.

: Re: How to put itunes files to HTC One X?
: Alicesky May 29, 2012, 02:39:56 AM
Yeah, Apple uses DRM license protection on all movie tv shows and music files bought through the iTunes Store in order to prevent you from playing the songs anywhere but on ipod. HTC One X is not an iTunes supported device. If your phone is the primary device you plan to use for playing back songs on the go, I would suggest removing DRM from iTunes music files, 2 ways as follows:

1.Burn songs on iTunes. just Insert a blank CD. (You'd better use a rewrite CD which can be used circularly and use some software like Nero to wipe off the music files you have processed.)
Note: You need to change iTunes settings in "Edit"->" Preferences" before burn and import.

2. Another option would be to get the third party oftware that automatically converts your iTunes purchases to MP3. An app called DRM Converter does this quickly, it support batch conversion that can convert protected itunes Music Video files to HTC One X for playback without quality loss. you may check it here: (

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