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: Recommendation needed
: The Truth August 22, 2012, 02:09:14 PM
Sorry to just drop the problem on everyone, but I assume that's a big reason we're here.
Anyway, I'm Thomas....hello to all.

I will try to keep as unbiased with this as possible, but let me just say; after all my research with this phone I am amazed to the amount of people who have similar problems to mine.
How does this even make it out the doors of HTC?  
It is truly unfortunate seeing that this is an utterly amazing device.  

THE ISSUE:  Wifi loses connectivity (steadily approx 2-5 minute intervals)
Which is usually surrounding the second issue>>the phone will freeze (during youtube is a prime example) and then reboot.  

Not sure if they are linked, but that is it.  Wifi comes and goes, and phone reboots while in use of various apps.  
This is an occurrence 90% more when the wifi setting is on and the mobile network is off.
Though not isolated to that combination.

If there is anyway to get this fixed or get a working phone I'd much rather do that then get the samsung GIII.  Since this is likely not a rare occurrence, any options that come to mind?

I apologize for the wishful thinking above, but I envision a phone that works which creates customers who return and a company that flourishes.  HTC may do well, but I came over from samsung with very high hopes.

Any and all help is highly valued,
And many thanks to this community for existing, taking the time for others...and putting up with stubborn people as myself.

: Re: Recommendation needed
: The Truth August 22, 2012, 04:01:00 PM
Small update

When My phone is on wifi only it actually interrupts my router's signal.
I use a d'link gigabit router and it hums along perfectly (as it has for over a year)
BUT when I watch youtube (I assume only because of the large data) it stops the signal to my laptop. 

I have perfect signal to laptop until I begin using HOX with heavy data flow and the signal simultaneously drops from both phone and computer.

: Re: Recommendation needed
: The Truth August 22, 2012, 11:10:50 PM
Called HTC tech support. Again.

Factory reset was the best they could come up with.
Called retailer, no idea what could be the problem.
HTC one X forum hasn't made one post....

Despite the forums and blogs riddled with VERY similar issues no one seems to have the answers. 

That says enough for me.
Unfortunately many of us who drop hundreds of $$ on top-of-the-line phones can't sacrifice functionality.

It hurts, but traded in for another manufacturer.
Thanks to anyone who considered helping.

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