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: Multitasking is a joke on the One X!
: HTC One X May 17, 2012, 07:07:38 AM

What in the world did HTC do to Android ICS mulitasking!? Apps seem to be completely removed from cache every single time they're closed for ~30 seconds. They also no longer re-open in the same state that you left them! If I leave the browser, it needs to reload the web page. If I leave a game, I need to start from the beginning. If I pause and exit Slacker radio for a minute, the app closes and I can't even resume my music with the headphones button! I need to re-open the app and start playing all over again.

With my old Galaxy Nexus I never had ANY of these issues and multitasking was clearly the best of any smartphone on the market. HTC has completely crippled this device and it's becoming more and more frustrating (push email notifications & sms notifications are a whole other mess). It seems HTC has created Sense to focus more on preserving battery than focusing on creating a good user experience. The first few days with the phone were great but as more and more of these "instances" pop up, this phone is beginning to seem less and less powerful and intuitive.

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