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: New Google Maps 5.8 on Android lets you add your own Places and photos
: HTC One X July 31, 2011, 07:10:38 AM

Google Maps for Android just got bumped to version 5.8, with the main focus falling on making Places and Latitude better. The new version lets you add a new place to check into, if one is not already available, and you can snap and upload your own photos of a place which will help other users decide if thats a place they want to visit.
A photo of a place is a great way to add to its description your own photos get uploaded to your Picasa album (filed under "Photos for Google Maps"), where they can be removed if you like. And if the photo is good, it may even become the profile picture of a Place.

What's in this version:

Personalize Place pages by uploading pictures from your visit
Manage your starred and recently visited Places in the 'My Places' tab
See descriptive terms for Places in search results and Places pages
Add a new place to Places when checking in ( (

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